To Be Innovative, Optimising Our Clients’ Vision For Life.


To deliver a totally professional eyecare and eyewear experience to our clients who we treat as friends.


Ethical Behaviour

  1. Treating clients with courtesy, dignity and respect
  2. Honesty
  3. Social responsibility to the community and profession
  4. Trust – between colleagues and in client dealings


  1. Open communication
  2. Professionalism and integrity
  3. Inspiring passion for the profession
  4. Ensuring business viability thru sound management
  5. Healthy and safe workplace
  6. Articulated business philosophy

Personal and Professional Growth

  1. Innovation to stay at the forefront of our profession
  2. Encouragement of personal development
  3. Challenge yourself


  1. Respect for each other
  2. Supportive relationships – stakeholders
  3. Fun – celebrating our successes
  4. Welcoming and friendly workplace
  5. Help without being asked
  6. Appreciate our differences

Excellence in All Aspects of Work

  1. Excellent, timely and efficient service
  2. Quality and value in all our products
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Satisfying the individual vision needs of our clients to enhance their lifestyle
  5. Delivering personalised service

Our motto

“See the Difference!”