Myopia Prevention and Control

People who are highly myopic (>-5.00D) have significantly higher risks of permanent vision impairment.  In some parts of the world, particularly in Asia, upwards of 60% of the population is myopic, posing a significant health burden on those communities. Although we have no control over our [...]

Driving Lenses

We all place a high value on safety when choosing what vehicle we might purchase (ANCAPS ratings), but we don’t always apply the same consideration to the impact of our vision on driving safety – the most important sense we use for making very critical decisions when driving! To drive [...]

Your Child’s Vision

We are often asked at what stage a child should have their eyes checked. The answer will of course vary according to individual circumstances, but if there are no concerns and everything appears “normal” then at minimum we recommend an assessment in the kindy year to ensure school readiness and [...]

Living In A Digital Age

Digital Eye Strain There is no escaping the fact that the digital age has changed the way we use our time, with Australians spending more than half their waking hours interacting with digital media across multiple devices – for work, for play, socialising, relaxing  and of course shopping.  [...]