Sunglasses and UV Protection at Holdfast Bay Optometry

At Holdfast Bay Optometry, sunglasses are available in a diverse range of styles, as well as a wide variety of lenses, such as prescription and non prescription, polarized, tints, graduations, and colours. Our staff can offer helpful and friendly advice.

Reducing glare adds to safety when driving and comfort when out of doors. Most people become more sensitive to glare with age due to the eyes media changes.

Our ranges include:

  • Maui Jim
  • Res/Rei
  • Oroton
  • Sass & Bide
  • Face a Face


UV Protection

With increasing evidence that exposure to UV can contribute to many eye diseases, screening from UV in eyewear has become critical. Most optical lenses, even clear, give the wearer some protection from harmful UV radiation. There are plenty of options when it comes to UV protection starting with  normal glare reducing tints up to the newest in photochromic technology and anti UV reflection coatings. Come in and  talk to our friendly staff about what the best options is for you.


Remember “slip, slop slap and slide on the sunglasses”.