Caring for Your Spectacles

To keep your spectacles in great shape and looking good for longer, here are some tips:

  • To prevent your lenses from scratching and to keep your frames in good shape ensure that your spectacles are protected. This means when they are not on your face they are in the case.
  • If your lenses need cleaning use lens cleaning spray or rinse under cold water and dry with a soft clean micro-fibre cloth. Do not use very hot water as heat can cause the coatings on your lenses to crack. With every set of spectacles purchased we provide a free cleaning spray and cloth to ensure your spectacles are always looking their best.
  • Handle your glasses with both hands when putting them on and taking them off. This will help to maintain a perfect fit.
  • If  accidents do occur and your frame becomes bent and out of shape, please do not bend it back into shape yourself. Our qualified staff have tools for that purpose that will ensure undue pressure is not placed on your frame  or lenses helping them last longer.
  • When your micro-fibre cloth gets dirty don’t throw it away. Drop it in the washing machine (don’t use fabric softener) and it will come up as good as new.