Latest Technology
Progressive: Varilux® — High Resolution Vision

Essilor Laboratories introduces a new progressive lens that uses WAVE technology, which is used in advanced astronomy and adapted from technology used in laser surgery to correct vision. It works by eliminating higher order aberrations giving the wearer:

  • Unsurpassed sharpness in all fields of vision
  • Up to a 30% wider field of vision mid-range
  • More natural, comfortable vision up close

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Single Vision: Nikon Seemax™ — High Precision From Every Point Of View

Drawing from their expertise in camera optical systems Nikon has just released a new single vision lens which integrates front-to-back surface aspheric geometry with distortion elimination. In a normal aspheric lens design the lens is flattened in one direction. By using digital surfacing the bi-aspheric Seemax™ lens is flattened in one direction on the front surface and eight directions on the back. Each lens is entirely custom-made to your style of frame and your prescription; this enables you clearer and sharper vision in every direction as well as providing a uniquely thin and light lens.

Anti-Reflective Coating

A clear coating that goes on the surface of your lenses to enhance visual clarity by reducing annoying light reflections. This enhances contrast when using computer screens, night driving and working under artificial lighting. With the advances in technology anti-reflective coatings now repel water, oil and dust making it easier to keep dirty smudges away. A coating highly recommended for any spectacle wearer.